SHINE: To give forth or glow with light; to be bright with reflected light; glisten sparkle

Let’s start with stars and why and how they shine; A star is a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity. The nearest star to Earth is the Sun, which is the source of most of the energy on the planet. No one knows how many stars exist, but the number would be staggering. Our universe likely contains more than 100 billion galaxies, and each of those galaxies may have more than 100 billion stars.

Some stars have always stood out from the rest. Their brightness is a factor of how much energy they put out, which is called their luminosity, and also how far away from Earth they are.

Stars in the heavens may also appear to be different colors because their temperatures are not all the same. Hot stars are white or blue, whereas cooler stars appear to have orange or red hues.

No, this is not a science lesson but the shine of literal stars is truly intriguing. The light that emanates from them supplies energy and warmth. As people we have the ability to do this in a figurative sense. Even though it is a figurative shine it has verisimilitude. The shine can be almost felt and seen as in the glow of a pregnant woman or a person that is in love. Like stars, some of us stand out from the rest, our brightness is a factor of how much energy we put out and if we can be seen. We also have different colors and hues.

It is my hope that this series, SHINE will help us to continue in our personal growth. SHINE is a phraseology that encompasses inner and outer facets of our person and the ability to radiate it. It is meant to help the best to come forth. It is meant to empower.


A sea of a million faces, each one with a story engraved
Some with heroic nature, some with the need to be saved
A cloud of unforgiving & anxious hangs over and threatens to shower
To drown aspirations in terror & snatch away hope’s power
Oh Where is compassion’s umbrella? Is there someone to hold it still?
Drenched in my own insecurities, I quietly say “I will”
Emboldened by love and desire to encourage inspire & embrace
Taken over by love’s good nature, light of truth beams brightly from my face
Hold onto my hand thru my voice , hear it whisper with roses & pain
Relating my past experiences; from sharing I can not refrain
I bathe in the sun of your praises, your love, admiration & gifts
You make me soar much higher build my confidence & my countenance lifts
Raise your hand if you feel my emotion, say I do if you are one with my flow
See there is so much gained from your reaction than you could ever possibly know
My mind is filled with the knowledge that more learning is what I demand
While my heart is filled with gratitude for everything be it minor or grand
My hands shake with nerves & pure energy, my back has withstood hard knock life
As I gaze at your emanated glowing I’m relieved of all trouble & strife
See my trouble heart has given me problems, that’s what I call it , my problem child
Couldn’t behave if my life depended on it which & it does so I’ll be calm & mild
I’m in love with love of my family, my friends, my enemies my foes
What I deal with in turmoil & struggle has sent me places that no one else knows
The passion I feel when I dream when I think when I speak when I write
Takes over my being & symmetry as I pour onto paper at night
As we walk around greeting each other & engage in light conversation
What’s deeper is not brought to the surface, withholding inner self information
As you see I’m an open book, at times I admit to a fault
It’s like living in front of a mirror that reflects everything that I’m taught
See I know that a lesson learned is valuable, no matter how painful the ride
Because within those layers of self & existence your integrity & character are tried
I want you to say of me; when I’m no longer here or deceased
That her words taught me the power of pain, that anxieties must be released
That wearing your heart on your sleeve can be problematic & hurtful at times
But she let go of it all with her poetry her stories and truth – ridden rhymes
That she empowered those weak with her abilities, with her lyrics soothed the aching of their heart
That she was not afraid to say what she was thinking or her triumphs & failures impart
That’s all I could ever ask for, that’s all I ever will need
I feel with a fires intensity when someone else hurts I bleed
Please receive what give in the best way, it always has the best of intention
So many people & things that I’m grateful for far too many to mention
But know this that I’m filled with love, so much so that I’ve overcome
My fear of performance art & showing myself to some
There are vast amounts of persons with their skill & words they give
By the vow to humanity their lead, by it’s credence they are determined to live
I join them in the movement, I believe in words that heal
I believe that you can help someone, if you humbly & honestly reveal
Im aware that the world has heard many voices but they have yet to be empowered by mine, so I will let go of my apprehensions & let it shine, let it shine.

By T. Michelle Jacobs




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