~Something new and different introduced; introduction of new things and methods.~
As you finish self renovations you have certainly experienced innovation. When renovating you shop for new and improved products and methods; Ways that are more efficient. This is your chance to be innovative in your life. Try something new, something you’ve never done. Try something that you’ve always wanted to do but isn’t have the nerve, time or energy. Now you are refreshed and it’s time to take a leap of faith.

Pursue an endeavor that you’ve always wanted take on. Hone your talents or discover a new hobby. Renew a love for something that you once enjoyed. Expand your mind and introduce new ideas. Read book that you’ve always wanted to read. Write a book that you have always wanted to write. Take some classes or go back to college for a degree that you always wanted.

Make goals for your personality and growth. Broaden your vocabulary by learning a new word and introducing it to your vernacular. Take music lessons, learning to play an instrument. Take a cooking class or learn to eat healthier. Endeavor to be more patient and understanding. Have an empathy day; trying to see thru the eyes of someone that you know in difficult circumstances.

Never be afraid to try new things. It is what makes life interesting. Take the opportunity to build a new and improved, more efficient you. Whatever those innovations are, walk in your own truth. What makes someone else better may not be what makes you better. Being new and improved does not mean that you discard your old self. Rather it is the best version of who you always knew or ever dreamt you could be.

** The author of this blog is not a physician. The statements mentioned above are merely suggestions and should only be used as inspiration. Do not substitute this information for doctor’s care or professional therapy.




  1. This came right on time…we all have to step out on faith if want to reinvent ourselves..needed this reminder

  2. I think that inspiration is the key to innovation. Thank you for all your inspiring words. Sometimes inspiration is just the spark a person needs to make the move to improve the person that is present. Viewing and treating innovation as a journey lessens the daunting nature of change. I look forward to the arrival of the new and improved me.

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