There Are Times When Everyone Needs A Place To Hide

I need a place to run and hide
A refuge from my fears
A place to cry and scream out loud
A valley for my tears
I run around and hide my heart
In places no one can see
Shining and glowing
When no one is knowing
The sad and lonely me
Walking around in sunshine
Pretending to be okay
While in the dark of night I suffer
Dreading the light of day
I always hope for tomorrow
To be better, bigger and brave
But at times someone will pilfer
The serenity from my cave
Love can only save me
From hate and vicious means
But how does it fight the apathy
Of ignorant human beings
Of mindless, careless advances
Unaware of nothing but self
Wreaking lowly havoc
Undeserving of compassions wealth
I will not bow to cowards
I will not beg of thieves
I refuse to slave for a master
That bruises but never bleeds
I will continue to build my house
My protective walls and space
And no one else can convince me
That I’m not in God’s good grace
For only he knows my heart
My intensions and meanings behind
What I do, what I say, what I feel
The intricacies of my mind
I have to make this journey
The best way I know how
Preserving my breath and heartbeats
For more than here and now
I will run if only in artifice
Walk head up and strong
Let the sun shine and weather the storms
Forgiving any wrong
What you do not see beneath me
Has abilities to impact and confuse
But when hate requests an entrance
I will always refuse

By T. Michelle Jacobs



2 thoughts on “There Are Times When Everyone Needs A Place To Hide

  1. Thank you for those beautiful and compelling words. Having just gone through a traumatic event in my life I can truly appreciate the need to have a proverbial place to hide. Emotions can be very strong especially during times of distress. Sometimes you may not outwardly show every feeling that you experience. It is a wonderful thing to have the love and support of those who really care. Naysayers and negativity be gone!!! More power to those who continue on a positive course despite adversity.

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