Let The Renovations Begin!

Renovations are expensive, mentally taxing, physically challenging and often take a lot out of you.You are now inspired and motivated,; now it’s time to get to work. The side note in this blog about coping and triggers is pertinent in this matter. (Check it out under subtitle ‘The Way’). When you are renovating your personal space, it is just that; personal. You are renovating according to your personal needs, wants and for comfort. If you are invested and ‘all in’ do not be afraid to smash down walls. Deal with those challenges head on and do not be afraid to say “I don’t like it”. You must speak up. You have to say what you want, what you like and don’t like. Why is this so important? You have to live with it.

Now you are changing walls, hallways, doors, windows, colors, textures and ambience. Lets evaluate:

Walls: Walls can provide privacy and keep people out or they can serve as a guardians or protectors but some spaces are too small and closed in. It’s okay to have a private space, everyone needs it but tear down walls they keep life out. The ones they keep you from feeling, breathing, loving and living.

Hallways: The paths that you decide to take. Choose your paths. Prioritize. Go back and look at your blueprint which is your list of goals. Decide where these paths are going to take you and how long or short you want them to be.

Doors: Go knock down and go thru any doors that are in your way. Pursue what you love and what fulfills you. Once you put up those new doors make certain that they can keep out what you don’t want and keep in what you do.

Windows: Windows allow the air and the light to come in. Make them big and beautiful. Don’t be afraid to let people look in and see where you’ve been, how far you have come and who you are now but always keep the option to close the drapes.

Colors: Choose colors that will enhance the spaces of your life. You need your calming hues, your colors that keep you motivated and creative, those that energize and those that help you to rest. Do your homework and choose those tones wisely.

Textures: Everyone needs variety. Texture of life are your activities that make up your life. Make time for fun, time with friends, time with family, time for you, love and most importantly make time to communicate with God, with the Creator. His presence provides a texture that is soothing, empowering, loving, comforting and ultimately the source of everything we are and can possibly be.

Ambience: Renovators spend a large portion of their budget on lighting because part of comfort and design is the ambience. Lighting can set the tone for the mood you want to be in or the look you want to have. A glow emanating can remind you of good feelings and spark a warmth inside. So always allow yourself to be enlightened, adjust the light and what you want it to highlight and always remember when in darkness to find the light.

For those that are joining us on this journey, after going back to read from the beginning of “My Poetic Life” Blog, ‘Starting from Here’; you will see that these analogies apply to life. This Inspiration-Motivation-Renovation-Innovation-Creation series is meant to do just those things mentioned. Happy journey to you.
T. Michelle Jacobs



One thought on “Let The Renovations Begin!

  1. This is quite a journey! I found your use of home decorating as a parallel for personal renovations to be an absolutely and uniquely perfect use of symbolism. The poetic manner in which you inspire and motivate I feel is a form of genius.. Here’s hoping that every individual who embarks on this journey of self-renewal reaches their destination revamped and content.

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