5 Steps of Self Evaluation

Before you start to renovate you must evaluate. You cannot or better yet should not renovate without an assessment of what you have, what you need to get rid of and what you can repurpose.
Before I list the 5 let me share this with you:

A close friend and I have an ongoing dialogue about change. My argument is that if you want change you have to go thru a degree of discomfort. This holds true whether it is minuscule or grandiose; for example: if you are lying in bed and you want to change positions, while changing positions you will have a level of discomfort. Your physicality will more than likely determine the degree of discomfort. If you are fit and have no injuries the discomfort level will be minor, possibly even undetectable but there is some level of stress on your body because of movement. That being said, when we make changes, the more dire our situation is and depending on how drastic the change, it is going to be very uncomfortable. If you have surgery to make some type of improvement to self, the transformation process and recovery is quite uncomfortable. However the results are what makes it worth it. If you are making changes emotionally then there will be painful emotions to deal with but on the other side is clarity, sense of purpose and well-being. The bottom line is that you cannot change and have positive results without going thru pain and discomfort. Trying to change without discomfort is like looking at a jewelry box and expecting it to open and for the jewelry to adorn you on it’s own; impossible. If you want those enhancements you must do the work.

Allowing fear to paralyze you will get you nothing. Being courageous will get you everything. Notice that I said allowing fear to paralyze you. You can be afraid. You just can’t let it stop you. The longer you put off self-evaluation and transformation, the more time you waste not living your best life. If fear is paralyzingly you, start slowly but the worst thing you can do is to be still. You cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. On your journey to the best you be determined to step outside of your comfort zone and and widen your scope as to what you think is doable. You can do just about anything you want. You just have to want it enough.

1. Determine who you truly are. Be honest with yourself about who you feel you are as a person, your strengths, your weaknesses and your personality. This will not work unless you are totally honest with yourself.

2. Determine what your image is. Self image is exactly what it says; who you imagine you are or aspire to be. How do you want to portray yourself. This is not a pretense or facade. It is an enhancement and projection of your true self.

3. Ask someone close to you to give you an honest assessment of your personality traits, habits and attitudes. It is okay to ask someone that truly knows you; for example a parent, sibling or close friend. There are some aspects of our personalities that we don’t see clearly. Sometimes the unbiased opinion from someone that knows us well and has known us for a long time will help round out a self-evaluation but remember that you know the most about yourself and your inner feelings and experiences. So use this information as a reference and comparison to your own thoughts. Don’t rely on anyone else’s opinion completely.

4. Determine what is absolutely necessary in your life; things that you feel you cannot live without.
This includes objects and feelings. Then ask your self why. Write them down because if you cannot give a clear reason for wanting these things in your life, you probably don’t need them. Go back over the list and write down what brought the objects into your life and what circumstances caused the emotions. A) Objects and emotions that help you to be the best you. B) determine where they came from or how they came about.

5. Repeat number 4 but this time decide which objects and emotions you no longer need. A) the objects and emotions that are keeping you from becoming your best you B)Determine where they came from or how they came about.

Allow yourself to ponder these things. Remember that a journey can only be taken one step at a time. *

* The author of this blog is not a physician. The statements mentioned above are merely suggestions and should only be used as inspiration. Do not substitute this information for doctor’s care or professional therapy.



2 thoughts on “5 Steps of Self Evaluation

  1. that is exactly how it is supposed to happen. i did this without even seeing your words first. add this when you feel that you have not gotten all your honesty together, even when you feel you do this will not work until all is out and honestly good or bad out. the key to knowing yourself is to be honest with all parts not just the good stuff. love it.

  2. May I say a resounding yes. Amen to that!!! This is a penetratingly insightful evaluation. I believe the 5 steps are right on the money. Yes if a person wants to renovate him or herself these steps are vital. Pain I agree and believe is relative to the desired outcome. If you desire the outcome enough the degree of pain can be tolerated and/or even relished. (emotionally speaking) The finished or evolving product can be well worth the efforts. Great post. Keep up the good work.

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