Self~Evaluation Breeds ~ Motivation ~ Creation ~ Innovation ~ Renovation

In an effort to better yourself, it is necessary to self-evaluate. Examine yourself and decide what needs to be changed or tweaked, what needs to be enhanced and what needs to be totally done away with. To become your best y-o-u; you must examine yourself, your intentions, desires, true feelings and needs. This self examination requires honest and raw emotional and physical discovery. It may involve dealing with issues from the past or present. This more than likely will not be pleasant, but the results will be. Think of it as cleansing or purifying. If inanimate objects in our lives such as cars, computers and appliances require maintenance, why wouldn’t we need that even more so. Although it is true that living beings and things have the ability to self regenerate or renew, it is still important to do this manually. Why? Think about your computer. Thru technology this insensate object periodically updates and gets rid of or recycles excess information. However sometimes we have to or choose to manually remove files. We have the option to remove what we no longer need or want.

Maintenance is extremely important as well. everything including self has to be maintained otherwise it will break down, stop functioning properly and disintegrate. Realization of one’s true self is only achieved thru examination, maintenance and renewal. Next time I will share with you my thoughts on this process of self-evaluation that leads to motivation ~ creation ~ innovation and ~ renovation.

By T. Michelle Jacobs


One thought on “Self~Evaluation Breeds ~ Motivation ~ Creation ~ Innovation ~ Renovation

  1. Very true words. I agree that we all need to retool ourselves from time to time. Because indeed if we are to grow, emotionally, the soil of our life must be turned over, examined, replenished and watered every so often. I call it personal gardening. (smile) Two thumbs up for “Self – Evaluation Breeds -Motivation – Innovation -Renovation”. Very insightful and instructive. Looking forward to your next post.

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