The year has gone by, it went out singing
The pain of the year is passed but still stinging
The joy of the days are yet counting the ways
My love for you will be bringing
Light to your heart, understanding to your troubles
Healing to your a ache, water to your drought
Walk to your place, count the steps and your grace
You will no longer go without
Be not discouraged, hold on to your faith
Fear nothing,be brave
Your brethren’s slave
Love and be loved, undo harm, right wrongs
Kiss and be kissed, give graciously
Work hard for your worth, rejoice in every birth
Carry out every duty tenaciously
Call on the sick, give to the needy
Do not be selfish, vengeful or greedy
Forgive, be forgiven. Remember, be remembered
Cherish and be cherished. Be embraced and embrace
Fulfill the unfulfilled. Hold on and be held
Stand up to your challenges and obstacles face
Appreciate who you are and desire to become
Strive to be the best version of you
Grasp the past year for what it has given and taken
Then let go……. and welcome the new

By T. Michelle Jacobs


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